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Thank you for letting me be a part of your children's education this HELO season. I hope they gained some useful techniques and knowledge and that they will continue to learn going forward. I would be happy to help them in the future as well, should they be interested.

When logging in, choose your child's gallery and use the password you were provided in class to view and download the images. This password is for parental use only and for your child's protection, it may not be shared with anyone. Your gallery will be disabled if accessed by anyone but your child or you as their parent. I take your child's safety seriously. Should you need the password provided to you, please call 970.218.1652.
The files provided in these galleries are available in two formats, one with LR in the file name may be used online; the one listed as HR in the file name may be printed. The LR files contain a watermark that will print, so be sure you have the right files on hand when going to the lab.
There is a usage release that you will be asked to consent to upon downloading, this will be necessary when printing them so please print this release or save it to your downloads.

Not all labs are equal, these images will only be guaranteed when printed at a professional lab (one-hour/quick labs, Wal-Mart, Shutterfly, Walgreens are one-hour labs and are not professional print labs). Please use, which is a partner company to one of my pro-labs, Mike's Camera, Digigraphics, etc as they are pro-labs. I refer all of my clients to because they do excellent work and ship quickly. Mention Image Gallery Photography if asked how you found them. If you have never used them before, you may be able to find some coupon codes online.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch, I am happy to help. Thank you again for sharing your child with me, I do hope that I have a chance to meet you again.
Enjoy your family pictures. - Nicole


Modified 15-Dec-17


Modified 15-Dec-17