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The Human-Pet Bond is a unique dynamic. To some, having a pet teaches responsibility, to others it shows them what it's like to be unconditionally loved, but for all who have been given the honor of being loved by a furry friend, it gives them joy and a safe place to come home to.

I have never liked the term "pet ownership", it doesn't come close to what having that faithful companion truly means. To me, being loved by a pet is something special. It is a bond you have with another being who doesn't care how you are dressed or that you have had a bad day, as long as they can share their day with you, they are happy because they have you.

This is Clyde's Story.

Clyde was 12 weeks old when he became a part of my life. He was the spunky, yet gentle Flashy Brindle Boxer I had been searching for and he quickly burrowed his way into my heart. Anyone who has loved a Boxer will tell you they are perpetual toddlers and they are right, they will also tell you they are kind, fun-loving, wonderful with kids and have a zest for life that will be hard to find in any other breed. Clyde quickly earned the nickname Sir Clydesdale Thunderpaws for his giant paws, thunderous gait and mischievous spirit, but his gentle nature and old soul demeanor was one like we had never known before. He had a goofy under-bite grin that made him look like his nearest relative was a Grouper, but he was perfect. He was ours. Clyde was not only my boy, he was the perfect addition to our growing family. Over the years he shared with us he enjoyed life on the farm with our Cattle Dog, Cootie and then with his "little brother" Roger, our fawn Boxer, who joined our family after Cootie took his walk over the Rainbow Bridge. Clyde spent his days with his 2-footed "siblings" and enjoyed the occasional fashion show they made him endure, which he did graciously; loved car rides, sticking his head out of the sunroof while bathing us in his slobber as we drove down the road, usually to rid his nose of the horrible gas he had just let us experience; but his favorite thing to do was to lounge on the couch and if one of us was with him, he was in heaven.  As long as he was with his people, he was happy, even if he was wearing size 4 toddler shoes and gym shorts (which he looked so handsome in, by the way), Clyde's wiggly butt told us he was happy and he made us happy.


 When the day comes you must say goodbye, it breaks your heart. The day I said goodbye to my Clyde was one of the hardest days I have had to endure. He took a piece of me with him, a piece that I will never get back, but I would not change a single day I loved him for anything. I am sure that eventually I will get past the heartache, but I am not even close to that yet. He wasn't just a dog to me, he was my boy, my snuggle loving fur-child, he was my kids buddy, my husband's pal and he left a huge hole in our hearts.

I had taken some photographs of him that morning, I knew they would be hard to look back on, but I also knew they were priceless memories I would hold dear to me. In the days following I looked back over the years of photographs I had taken, the moments in memory that made me smile, laugh and even cry. I wondered if the photos I had taken that morning and the feelings I was experiencing were something I could use to help others cope with the eventual loss of their special friends.

So, to keep Clyde's memory alive I decided to create a special session, Clyde's Paw Prints on the Heart (Paw Prints, for short) to celebrate those animals who have found their way into your hearts. When it's time and when you are ready.

These sessions are dedicated to those whose time is limited, whether that be because of age or terminal illness and regardless of species. This session is to celebrate them and your bond. It is best to schedule this session while your companion is still able-bodied, but if that isn't possible, that is okay. Your pet's comfort is important so if that means having the session in your home or at their favorite park, I will come to you. It's equally important to include their favorite people and other pets, however you want to capture this time is up to you. I understand that having an ailing pet can be expensive, I don't want these special memories to be something you decide against because you can't afford them. I offer payment plans to accommodate your needs and your images will be archived for you until you are ready for them.

Paw Print Sessions are $199, include the digital images/personal usage rights from your session and a special gift from me in the weeks following your session. Coverage areas include Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley and the surrounding areas with extended locations available if necessary.

When you are ready, email [email protected] or call 970.218.1652.

Below is a short slideshow of his life. Most of the photos were taken with our phones, but all were taken so we could capture a moment. One never thinks about that when a photo is taken until it becomes a memory; it is a moment in time, one you want to remember for whatever reason and I am grateful for every one of them.

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