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Who am I? My name is Nicole and I am many things to the many amazing people in my life. I am the mom to four awesome kids, 19, 16 and 6 and 3. I am the wife to my High School Sweetheart, the love of my life. I was raised in Fort Collins, CO by two extraordinary parents who taught me that the important things in life are not things, but the experiences you have and the people you can share them with. I would have to say, I am blessed.

Being a part of the experiences of so many over the years has been truly an honor. I have cried with my clients, I have laughed with them, I have been a part of the most important memories and occasions; those once in lifetime moments. I take each one of these with that perspective, this moment only happens once. You can't get tomorrow back, but you can relive those moments in pictures.

Whatever the important moment is, whether you are graduating and beginning a new chapter in your life, you have met that special someone you will grow old with or you have created a life that you would give yours for, every moment is special and worth documenting. These are defining moments that you will look back on and they will put a smile on your face, allowing you to be back in that moment. Every day we are given is a blessing, it is my passion to provide a true visual record of this time; something I have been privileged to do for over 20 years.

If you feel my vision and style compliment yours, I would love to be a part of your special moment.